IEOR264: Computational Optimization (Spring 2008)

Instructor Alper Atamturk

Teaching assistant (GSI) Vishnu Narayanan

Lecture Hrs: Mon Wed 9am-10:30am (1174B Etcheverry)
Office Hrs: Mon 1:30-3:30pm (4175 Etcheverry)
GSI Office Hrs: TBA (1116 Etcheverry)

G.L. Nemhauser and L.A. Wolsey, Integer and Combinatorial Optimization, John Wiley & Sons, 1999 (paperback) (2nd print) ISBN: 0-471-35943-2

Recommended book
R. Fourer, D.M. Gay, and B.W. Kernighan, AMPL: A Modeling Language For Mathematical Programming, Duxbury Press, 2002 (2nd edition) ISBN 0-534-38809-4



Project info

Sample files

Final exam (Spring 2008)

The following are sample papers written based on previous student projects in the course:
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